Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Flights and finally getting here

The flight from Colorado to Iceland was great! I got to read my book and finished the series I was on but I did not sleep. at all. we landed then instead of going out a tunnel to the airport we had to walk down the stairs and walk off the tar mat to get inside.Once inside we went through customs (it was just them checking my passport and stamping it) we went to our terminal for the next plane and that is when I needed to go to the bathroom. There was still a line for the women's bathroom and it took forever but I finally got in and the bathroom was so small and no one spoke at all. They were completely quiet and it was a bit awkward. After waiting for a while we finally started to be checked into the airplane and we once again had to walk out to the air plane.It was super cold and windy but we made it in again. I switched places with the teacher and got to sit next to Matt where we got some sleep but not much. It was very uncomfortable so I just got a drink and tried to go to sleep as soon as possible.I was unsuccessful because I still did not get much sleep.We got off of the Plane and walked out to get our luggage.It took a long time to get our stuff but we finally did. After that we waited for the bus to pick us up.It took a while to do that too but it ended up coming. Before that it was funny because all of the taxis were Mercedes and all of the other cars were audis or volts wagen or even Bmw´s.After that we got on the bus and we got to drive for an hour or so. It did not feel like that but it was fine. It was beautiful with all the churches and the rolling hills/green plants. We got there and the students were waiting for us.I got off and attacked maria, she thought it was funny. We then got my luggage and got in the car to go to her apartment.It was small and the on the top floor (#6) but we got in the small elevator and I'm am afraid of it not working but we get to her apartment and she showed me around. I was getting really tired but she decided to take me around the town. We walked to the city center and went to get ice cream that was really weird. It was shaped like spaghetti or like lasagna but it was soooo good! We met up with steffan and jacob and there students and decided to go to the river and the park to hang out. It was fun and the river was soo cool! tune in again so I can tell you more!!!